Youth Cell Groups

A cell is a small group of people who help each other to get to know God better and to spread the good news about Jesus to people who don’t know him.


Cells meet regularly...

Welcome: knowing each other
Worship: get close to God
Word: learn from God
Witness: support each other to spread the good news

Cell is not just a meeting...

Cell members are encouraged to support each other at all times, not just when they all get together.

We expect members to:

We provide an adult cell mentor to support and guide the members of the cell. The mentor will be a trusted member of St Thomas' Church (with clearance to work with children). The mentor will provide outline material for cell meetings although the meeting is usually led by cell members.

Cells usually meet at the home of one of the cell members. Practical assistance from parents of cell members is welcomed. (e.g. transport to / from meetings; helping with occasional social events.)