Welcome to St Thomas'!

We are the parish church for the area around St Thomas' Road and The Down, and for Paxcroft Mead. St Thomas' is linked to St John's, West Ashton and is part of the Bradford Deanery in the Salisbury Diocese, part of the Church of England. Together with the other churches, we want to serve Trowbridge and West Wilts. Nowadays Christians are increasingly finding unity among the churches.

You can discover many of the things we do on this website, but at the heart of it all is relationships - with God, with one another, and with our community. We express this through small Cells which seek to do much of the work of the church. In this way every person can play a vital part.

We try to make Jesus Christ the centre of all we do; and we value joyful worship, Bible teaching, the reality of God's love which the Holy Spirit brings, and a 'family' atmosphere including all ages and types. Prayer is also very important, because we believe that 'prayer changes things'!

If you are new, it may feel a bit overwhelming - so please do introduce yourself to me, the person leading the service, or one of the Wardens / Sidesmen (they are the people who hang about near the door!), and feel free to ask if there is any way we can help you feel at home.

It is really all about the simple message that Jesus died for each one of us, and that He changed our lives. This is what we want to share with others. The Alpha Course, which we run regularly, is a good way to find out more about Jesus. It's relaxed, informal and non-threatening; you can ask any question you like; and it's a lot of fun!

If you would like any more information about any of this - please ask!

Allan Coutts (vicar)