St Thomas', a Cell Church

A few years ago our Vicar came to the church with two concepts. He offered us the Alpha Course, which we were already running and Cell church! We had no idea what this latter item was. He brought Cells to the church through sermons and teaching over a period of two or three years. Since then we have been migrating the congregation into a Cell church. What does this mean?

It has meant that nearly all the House Groups we used to have have been disbanded, or recreated, into Cells. It means that over a period of three or four years we have launched eight adult Cells and three Youth Cells. An adult Cell meets once a week, its pattern is usually Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness (Works). The meetings usually last about an hour and a half from 8:00 - 9:30pm. The principles of Cell are:

In Cells we seek to encourage one another to grow in our Christian lives. We seek to reach out to our families, friends, neighbors and contacts to bring them to the Lord. As evangelism starts to function and the Cell grows numerically we multiply the Cell. This then becomes the engine house of church growth.

Cell, also, seeks to free the members into ministries within the church by encouraging them to investigate their own calling and gifts. Cell then becomes the training environment in good leadership for the church.

Cell seeks to hold various activities for, and of, it's members to create friendships between Christians and not yet Christians. Cell becomes the evangelistic engine of the church.

New / young Christians need to be rooted and founded in their embryonic faith. This is done in Cell by using various beginner courses. This is a mentoring ministry which can involve each member of the Cell.

Cell seeks to disseminate and communicate the vision and values of the church. We use sermon notes from the previous Sunday as Bible study material. The Word section of the Cell meeting is not an in depth study. It is a seeking after the presence of God in order to bring his will into our lives in order that we may grow in our likeness of Christ.