Saturday Men's Sport

When and where

We meet from 9:00am to 10:00am on Saturdays at Clarendon Sports Centre in Trowbridge. All men are welcome to join us. The regulars are quite a mix of people of different ages both from within and outside the church.

What we do

A few years ago a few men from the church were talking about sport; one of them suggested that there was enough men about to make up a couple of teams. From this basic idea they booked the Sports Hall at Clarendon School. It was felt from the beginning that an hour of Football was too much, so a Volley Ball net was put up and the first tentative game was played with about 10 men. The skill level of the players was minimal, as many of us had not played since school, and others had never played; however we had fun. The skill level grew and so did the numbers; at one time we changed the game to Badminton so that more men could play because we were able to have several courts in the one hall. Guys would play each other and then swap over so that people of different skill levels played each other. Indoor Football is also played, but only when we have played Volley Ball which leaves about twenty minutes to run around. This is about as much as some of us can manage!